Grade 3/4 Drama. The Living Statue Game. 

SINGING is at the heart of all music making!

Grade 2/3

Creating colourful, flowing movement and “sparkley” music for the aurora borealis.  This was a lesson in Artistry. 

Happy New Year


Welcome back to another great year of music making together! 

Kindergarten B: Humpty Dumpty and Colonel Boogey March


Humpty Dumpty Song (Nov 2016)


Colonel Boogey March (Nov 2016)

Going to Kentucky

Grade1/2 November 2016


GlC Music Room 2016-17

Greetings from the GLC Music Room!

Another great year of music is underway with all students from Kindergarten to Grade 8. Already, students are showing great progress as they learn to keep the beat, move to the rhythm, sing in two part canon, play the barred instruments as well as numerous other percussion instruments and to follow standard notation.  The result is “music to our ears”!

Several classes are practising in preparation for Meet the Teacher Night this week.  Come on out and hear what they’re up to.